The landscaping industry has undergone vast changes in Australia, which has made the profession of landscaping a profession of high creativity and value. As a result of the changes and development of the field of landscaping and gardening, a number of sub-disciplines have come into place, which has enabled many to specialise in those disciplines, depending in their passions. There are countless niches, however, there are a few that are quite noticeable in the present day and age, due to the high demand and value of their work.

Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

This is one of the more common landscaping businesses in the land down under, as there are no real licenses to be obtained to start such a business. Such a business, like that of Jims Mowing Melbourne generally specialises in the caring of the lawn and follows particular protocols to make sure the lawn is mowed with high standards. It is also important to note that these types of businesses also look into the caring of the landscape, such as weeding and eradication of pesticides, since there really is no law that requires any license for using such products. However, it is still important safety measures be taken, as these products can be potentially dangerous if handled badly.

Structural Landscaping

This is niches that specialises in creating non-habitable landscape structures. Experts in this field would often create ornamental elements, such as water features, fences and walls to name but a few. Here, proper plans, just like building a house, are needed if one were to execute a landscape to perfection. As a result of the need for intricacies, a number of licenses are needed to be obtained first, depending on what exactly is going to be built. This is the reason why landscaping and gardening companies have a number of specialists in various niches, in order to be prepared  with building any sort of structure.

Grounds Keeping

This is more of a service than a business, as many a lawn mowing and maintenance company offer often cover this aspect too. Groundskeeping is one step further to typical lawn mowing as the business is also about maintain any sort of structures built on the grounds, in addition to lawn mowing, weeding and pesticide treating. Due to the similar nature lawn mowing and maintenance, this business is done by almost any landscaping company in Australia.


Interorscaping is one of the more new and increasingly demanding niches in the field of landscaping. This is due to the increasing modernity of buildings and homes, which often require some sort of natural element to the otherwise brick and mortar structure. In other words, specialists in this niche attempt to create greenery features, like an interior garden or an artificial pond to give the building a more rustic look.

These are just some of the many niches that have developed throughout the years in the field of landscaping and gardening. Furthermore, with the increasing development of Australia, many still yearn for the natural and rustic feel, even in the heart of urban life, thus the reason as to why the gardener and landscapist is highly valued and in demand.