Below are a few tips that will guarantee to turn you into a morning person…

Don’t Start Your Morning at the Morning

Don’t get confused; what we mean here is that in order to make sure your mornings better and successful in all ways, you need to start your mornings from the night before. Do everything you can to make sure you get to head to bed as early as possible. You will have to create a routine to make sure you actually fall asleep…and don’t spend hours trying to fall asleep. Doing the same things every day before heading for bed, ad heading to bed at the same time should help you out here. Apart from that, you also need to make sure your bedroom is a distraction free zone¾even if you have to keep your smart phone out of it to achieve it.


Give Yourself a Head Start

Instead of waking up with just enough time to roll out of bed and get a running start on your day, set the alarm a little earlier so you have a little time to plan out your day and soak in the morning after you wake up. This will only be possible if you follow the above tip. You can relish your morning while lying in bed, or as you sip on your morning cup of coffee…slowly, and unhurriedly. Do your best to avoid turning on the news, going through your social media updates or reading text message during this time. Start your day with positivity instead. 


Don’t Force Yourself to Make Decisions in the Morning

If you have to head to work in the morning, you’ll definitely have to dress up for it. This forces you to make a decision early morning; something that most people find daunting. Avoid putting yourself in this position by deciding what to wear well ahead of time; in the weekend. Do the ironing, accessory matching and show polishing the night before so that even if you sleep in a bit, you don’t have to panic about it.


Breakfast; the Meal You Cannot Miss Out On

If you want a great morning, and a great day, never ever miss out on breakfast. Even if you can’t cook any other meal at home, at least make your breakfast at home. You can use your day off to do the meal prep and save time in the morning. Certain recipes like overnight oats work brilliantly here. If you are someone who doesn’t like eating too heavy in the morning, at least make yourself a healthy shake. Add in protein powder to it for an extra boost.


Sweat It Out Before the Sun Becomes Unbearable

Working out every day is not easy, but definitely possible. Workout at least 20 minutes each day; and doing so in the morning will bring all your senses “online” from the start of your day. Avoid exercises that wipe you out entirely, as you need plenty of energy to work during the day.


Give Yourself an Energizing Shower 


And last, head to the shower before heading to work; regardless to whether or not you have worked out. If you showered the night before, chances are that you might not feel the necessity to shower again in the morning; especially if you don’t sweat easily. But showering regardless to that will make sure you feel fresh and awake enough to face the day, so head to the shower before heading out…