A good sporting event will promote sportsmanship and make sure everyone has a little taste of what friendly competition looks like. It has to keep the audience on their feet and entertained. And of course, there are plenty of other details, behind the scenes, that need to be taken care of. If you’re wondering how to get started, this is the perfect piece for you. Read on for more!


If you’re planning on running a sports event with multiple matches, or a tournament style system, then you need to keep in mind that as much as you want to include as many matches as possible, you will have to dial down on the enthusiasm. The games themselves can’t be of a short duration or the participants will rightfully feel like they are just being used for a profit. Give them time to break a sweat and get the audience going. So, factor your game duration in when deciding how many games you’ll be hosting, and don’t cut down on duration because of it.

Waiver of Liability

There is no doubt that at least one person will get injured or even mildly hurt in the process of the game, and you don’t want yourself caught up in the repercussions of it. To avoid this, have every participant (and their legal guardian if not of legal age yet) sign a waiver of liability at the registration process itself. Also, on this note, remember to have a trained medic on your team to handle any injuries.

Dressing Rooms

At times, you might be unfortunate enough to have your venue not have dressing rooms or locker rooms available, in this case, you’ll have to ask the venue administrator for any other room that may act as one. If you get separate rooms, make sure they aren’t locked on the day of the event. It’s an easy mistake that occurs.


The winning participants need to be rewarded for their efforts, of course. But when hosting a children’s event, don’t forget to issue out a certificate of participance to all the kids involved. Else they might feel discouraged and not try again.


Sports memorabilia are a great way to keep the audience involved. Have a stall for this very purpose. In cases of large-scale events, they will likely sell out immediately. Get your sport memorabilia framing near you in Melbourne done and sell it to the audience at a profit!

Side competitions

Hosting side competitions before the actual event is a great way to get everyone engaged. You can have trophies and medals handed out to the winners and also conduct activities where the spectators can join too!


Be prepared to have some complaints headed your way. Have an idea of some calming sentences you can use on a riled-up parent or participant and be able to conduct a sound argument to support your officials, while showing your sympathies to the person issuing the complaint.

Following these steps, you’ll undoubtedly host a successful sporting event.